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2016 Graduate Encourages Students to be Bold

Sarah Grossman, a 2016 Drake University Alumni, knew from her first step on campus, that Drake was going to be the right fit for her new home.

Grossman is from Shawnee, Kansas, right outside of Kansas City, where she graduated from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School. 

Drakes campus felt welcoming and Grossman loved the beautiful and promising atmosphere around the university. Grossman also had family that had attended Drake in the past, including her great-grandfather.

The School of Journalism served as Grossman’s home when she first attended Drake. Grossman then changed to the School of Business and later back to a JMC major. In 2016 Grossman graduated from Drake with a degree in Public Relations, a major in the business school and a minor in the School of Arts and Sciences. 

While at Drake, Grossman participated in Alpha Kappa Psi, a business fraternity on campus. Grossman was a member of Drakes chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Grossman was also an Editor of News for The Times Delphic and took advantage of the study abroad program in Florence, Italy. 

Grossman held five to six different internships in her time at Drake and shared how much the university stresses their importance. 

“Some of the internships I got off the school website, a lot of them I talked to my counselor about, I had Dr. Bruhn.” Grossman said. 

Grossman had the opportunity to work with AARP, a start up company and Iowa Ortho in HR to name a few.

“I got to work in a lot of different areas and I use pretty much everything that they taught me so they built a really great foundation,” Grossman said.

One of Grossman’s favorite memories she made while at Drake is that the campus serves as the place where she met her fiance and they have been together five years now. 

“Meeting him and we are really good friends with some of the people we went to school with and creating those friendships was great,” Grossman said.

Drake prepared Grossman to start making big life decisions and how to work hard while still planning for the future ahead.

 “18-22 you are so young, you are still trying to figure out how to be yourself and how to be an adult,” Grossman said. “Drake prepared me in a way to challenge me to question myself and figure who I was as a person and how I need to prepare for the future.” 

“It taught me to work hard, study hard and to have fun. To make good friendships and to be a little less selfish in those relationships.”

Grossman encourages current and future Drake students to be bold in all that they do with their short amount of time they have on campus.

“Take this time to be bold and to be selfish and to learn about yourself. Those years are very impactful but you will never experience this level of opportunity and freedom to explore your insecurities or any issues in your life from mental health to your physical well being,” Grossman said. 

Grossman is happy to share that she loves her job as an attorney with Lake of the Ozarks. With her last minute decision in her last year at Drake, Grossman decided to become an attorney. “Drake had pushed me to make a hard choice, to pursue a career that I never saw for myself and now I love it.